Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business School

The Master in Business Management and Marketing is designed to train professionals who wish to apply for senior management decisions and strategic activity within the commercial and marketing organizations with a comprehensive view of conventional marketing, marketing and customer key account management.

Therefore, the objective of the Master in Business Management and Marketing is dotarte of skills that allow you to successfully meet the commercial and marketing responsibility in the mainstream market with an integrated view of the key areas that shape the activity of an organization.

Entrepreneurship, innovation, ethics and sustainability will be the additional values that will IEBS at your fingertips through the modules of the Innovation and Ethics, preparing well in all areas necessary for leading companies in the XXI century.

Part I. Directorate of Product Management

1. Marketing and business in today’s organizations
1.1. The concept of marketing and commercial activity in organizations.
1.2. Organization and business structure.
1.3. Economic and financial management.
1.4. Management and importance of HR and its interaction with the business.
1.5. Operations management and marketing.

2. Information management and decision making
2.1. Information and decision-making.
2.2. Market research.
2.3. Qualitative studies.
2.4. Quantitative studies.
2.5. Experimental and observational techniques.
2.6. Internal information management and the control panel.

3. Marketing analytic
3.1. Internal conditions of marketing.
3.2. Economic management of the marketing and profitability guidance
3.3. Environmental factors and conditions.
3.4. sale and competitive structure.
3.5. Consumer behavior.
3.6. SWOT strategic diagnosis.

4. Business planning.
4.1. The concept of planning.
4.2. Strategic plans and business plans.
4.3. Strategic Product / business Planning and range.
4.4. Sales forecasting: concepts and techniques.
4.5. Goal setting.