Retirement Center for Aged Tractors LaBarge

Don Studt was a true American who knew his tractors, he could talk old iron for hours, probably days. Don has now gone to greener pastures, but he built one of the largest collection of antique tractors I have ever seen in all my travels in the United States spanning 5 years and every city in the country in all the states.

The oldest tractor in The La Barge, Wyoming Tractor Restoration Museum is this 1919 Fordson. The working museum is a lifetime hobby project of Mr. Don Studt. Mr. Studt has lived in Wyoming for 73 years and many of these tractors are former trade-ins from his former John Deere Dealership. He called this working project the “Retirement Center for Aged Tractors.” Mr. Studt did not own a computer and is not on the Internet. Some things you just have to see for yourself. If you ever travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, just go South about 80 miles to LaBarge, WY on HWY 189.

Mr. Studt had been in the tractor business since 1946. He said to me “Well, We love to talk old iron.” And that he did with his unlimited knowledge of American History in farming and tractors. We talked for hours about the oil reserves in Wyoming, farming, water supply, changes in trasplanted people from other places buying up properties, and how our country has changed over the years.

A true American, Mr. Studt, did it for the love of it and actually refused a donation from me. Instead he asked for a card and told us to let people know about his endeavors and spread the word and he would spread the word about WashGuys, that is my company, to travelers and passers bye.

I noticed a John Deere Mechanical bucket which runs off a pulley system from the axles, not a PTO. Early American innovations in farming have given up much of this early technology. It is incredible to see all these old tractors are still running. We thank Mr. Studt for his passion to keep up the history of America for future generations. He did it because he loved it, and we love to talk old iron too. You know there sure are not many people like him left anymore. It is truly the end of an era. He did it for the love of. Wow. Thanks Don, thank you for your inspiration.